The Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2013

    Kevin O'Marah, Chief Content Officer, Dr. Hau Lee, Chairman, Geraint John, Senior Vice President, Research, Barry Blake, Vice President, Research, SCM World

    30 September 2013

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    SCM World’s fourth annual Chief Supply Chain Officer Report argues that now is the time for supply chain to catch up to the bigger role it has claimed for itself in recent years. Through a global study among more than 750 executives, it looks at how customer demands are expanding and fragmenting faster than many are able to respond, while such big-picture issues as sustainability and business continuity have landed squarely on our desks. With our talent still evolving and our peers in sales and R&D increasingly expecting more of us than simple cost containment, some supply chain leaders have discovered the double-edged sword that accompanies board-level accountability.

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