The Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare

In 2015, SCM World established the Future of Healthcare Advisory Board to recognise the critical role supply chain can play in improving the accessibility of healthcare. Its mission is to identify, research and tackle supply chain issues that impact patient care.

The board consists of global supply chain and operations leaders from organisations across the full patient value chain: providers, distributors, and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

In 2016 the board is focused on improving collaboration across the value chain for two purposes. First, to identify and reduce wasted medicines across the value chain. Second, to quantify the impact that excellence in supply chain can have on better patient outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

Kathy Wengel
Vice President, J&J Supply Chain

Maria Nieradka
Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Peyton Howell
President, Global Sourcing and Manufacturer Relations

Rayne Waller
Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management

Vance Moore
Senior Vice President, Operations

Matthew Winterman
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy

Wayne Swanton
Senior Vice President, Global Operations

David Lowndes
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Jim Cafone
Vice President, Supply Network Services

SCM World’s VP Research, Barry Blake, has worked with this board to build a cohesive view of the end-to-end healthcare value chain and leads SCM World’s research agenda into the future of healthcare. The rules of our community mean that the majority of our content is only available to members of SCM World but here is a sample of the work we’re doing in this area:

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