• 29 JULY 2014 LIVE KEYNOTE WEBINAR Executing a direct shipping model Collaboration, cost and customer service Cindy Reese, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Oracle

    Oracle recently began operating a 'direct ship' model whereby all orders are now collected from manufacturing suppliers through an exclusive, single logistics provider to customers worldwide. While the benefits of cost and closer connectivity are clear, leveraging one supplier to manage the global logistics network doesn't come without risk. Read more... 

  • SCM World Live is the unique closed-door, cross-industry gathering, designed exclusively for current and future global supply chain leaders.
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  • LATEST REPORT Supply Chain Integrity and Quality The Transparency Imperative

    As consumers increasingly demand transparency, businesses need to renew their focus on the quality and integrity of their supply chains. Facing strong quarterly demands from investors and scepticism towards the business value of SER, a picture of best practice in this area shows leading companies achieve high standards in quality and integrity through company culture, visibility and strong supplier relationships.
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  • This one-day C-level workshop, hosted at Cisco headquarters, will examine how leaders across different industries are working toward the ultimate goal of a customer focused, innovation friendly, end-to-end supply chain which requires business savvy and the ability to manage not only material flow, but also money, people and ideas... Learn more 


  • 20,000+ supply chain executives from Fortune 500 & Forbes Global 2000 manufacturers
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  • $4.2 trillion in total combined market capitalisation (USD)
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  • $3.3 trillion in total combined sales revenues (USD)
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  • 6,000+ total combined number of production facilities
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  • Members drawn from over 125 countries
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  • 150+ universities and 1000s of students consuming our content daily
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