• LATEST REPORT Supplier Management Excellence Delivering Value Through Collaborative Relationships

    Most supply chain practitioners believe that collaboration with key suppliers is an important driver of competitive advantage. But many of the supplier relationship management initiatives launched in recent years have struggled to get traction with business stakeholders. Using research data and case examples from a range of industries, this report explores the value that strategic supplier engagement can deliver and the practices that constitute supplier management excellence. Read more 

  • LIVE KEYNOTE WEBINAR Supplier management excellence at Komatsu Collaboration and transparency Bill Chimley, General Manager, Supply Chain Division, Komatsu Americas 28 APRIL 2015

    Join us for our April live keynote webinar where Bill Chimley, General Manager, Supply Chain Division, Komatsu Americas, will share insights on how Komatsu governs its supplier relations model to drive business continuity and performance levels. Register now 

  • Now in its fifth year, the SCM World Leaders Forum is the annual retreat for the world’s supply chain, procurement and operations elite, bringing together the most influential C-level executives from the SCM World community and their recommended guests from across industry. More information & registration  


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