As an extensive community vote concludes from the over 20,000 SCM World members, the top 10 finalists are revealed. Five Supply Chain Breakthrough and five Talent Breakthrough nominees will move to the last round where an expert panel of senior supply chain executives and leading supply chain academics will pick a winner for each category. Register now 

  • LATEST REPORT The Digital Factory Game-Changing Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing Industry

    Over the past 50 years technology has helped manufacturers to increase productivity and grow their businesses. Today, rapid advances in plant-floor technologies and IT are changing the way that products are manufactured. Guided by new research data from almost 200 manufacturers worldwide, this report analyses the new landscape of manufacturing technology and sets out an investment priority timeline to support companies developing their own plans for the digital factory of the future. Read more 

  • LATEST REPORT The Project Supply Chain Doing Big Things Right

    Project supply chains in sectors such as construction, oil and gas, and aerospace are characterised by unforgiving schedules, multi-year timescales and unpredictable operating conditions that distinguish them from product manufacturing supply chains. This report explores the challenges facing project supply chains, particularly those involving major capital investments, and outlines some evolving best practices. Read more 

  • SCM World Live is the unique closed-door, cross-industry gathering, designed exclusively for current and future global supply chain leaders. More information & registration  


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  • $4.2 trillion in total combined market capitalisation (USD)
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  • $3.3 trillion in total combined sales revenues (USD)
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  • 6,000+ total combined number of production facilities
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  • Members drawn from over 125 countries
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  • 150+ universities and 1000s of students consuming our content daily
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