SCM World's flagship study returns to provide a snapshot of such perennial topics as strategy alignment, risk management, talent development, demand management and sustainability. Read more 

  • LATEST REPORT Africa The Last Emerging Market

    While the Ebola outbreak currently ravaging parts of West Africa garners the majority of media attention on Africa, the long-term narrative of this continent is one of youth, urbanisation, rising income levels and optimism. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world, and CPG/FMCG companies are taking notice. Read more   

  • SURVEY NOW OPEN The Future of Manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry is undergoing a renaissance, where businesses will need to transform today's challenges into opportunities in order to harness momentum. This key SCM World survey will improve our collective understanding of what companies are doing to redesign their manufacturing footprints and improve manufacturing operations management. Participate now 

  • SCM World Live is the unique closed-door, cross-industry gathering, designed exclusively for current and future global supply chain leaders. More information  


  • 20,000+ supply chain executives from Fortune 500 & Forbes Global 2000 manufacturers
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  • $4.2 trillion in total combined market capitalisation (USD)
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  • $3.3 trillion in total combined sales revenues (USD)
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  • 6,000+ total combined number of production facilities
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  • Members drawn from over 125 countries
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  • 150+ universities and 1000s of students consuming our content daily
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