Bringing Next-Generation Sensing to the C-Suite

7-9 July 2019, London

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World Class Speakers

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Bringing Next-Generation Sensing to the C-Suite

What is the distinct value proposition of Supply Chain? In early days, disparate Supply Chain functions came together as a unified organization to deliver end-to-end efficiency, reliability and quality. Today, Supply Chain executives have built on this foundation to become a critical partner to CEOs and leadership teams as the ‘how’ of corporate strategy. A by-product of Supply Chain’s evolution has been increased operational responsibilities and a greater demand for general business skills. We find ourselves in a critical turning point.

Today’s leaders must harness their unique capabilities to create new value in the C-Suite and simultaneously avoid becoming a general catch-all function that ultimately fades away. Supply Chain’s end-to-end access, from customers’ customers to suppliers’ suppliers, provides an unparalleled opportunity to sense risks and opportunities earlier and more holistically than any other function in the C-Suite.

From globalization to digitalization, fundamental supply chain assumptions have been upended in the last few years. These shifts call for greater agility in supply networks, in technology solutions and in our workforces. Chasing agility itself may not be the best – and certainly not the only – answer. Sensing, a core supply chain capability, may yet hold the most promise in bringing new and distinctive value to the C-Suite. Translating this value from supply chain terminology to that of the board room will be critical; three next generation sensing capabilities are currently being defined.

Customer and patient demographics are in a state of flux. An unprecedented aging population in some regions, combined with the growth opportunity in new markets, is shaping fundamentally different needs and constraints. This forum will share perspectives on how real-time access to customer feedback, social media and unstructured data will make supply chain an essential partner to commercial, R&D and customer service executives in serving unmet, often unspoken, needs of products, packaging and services.

Shifts in attitudes on globalization have shaken core principles of network design and operational efficiency. At the same time, the shift to service business models has changed how revenue growth is attained and is challenging tenants of cost and inventory management. The 2019 Leaders Forum will share stories of first movers who are progressing past static resiliency plans to those who are institutionalizing network agility and are implementing technology solutions that will proactively sense political, geographical and social risk.

Supply Chain’s organizational reach into factories, distribution centers, retail locations and hospitals across cities and into rural areas around the world provides a specialized exposure to regional approaches and digital innovations that shape the future of work. Our speakers and your networking at this forum will expose you to the pioneers that are fostering innovative approaches to recruiting, developing and upskilling the Supply Chain team of tomorrow.

Digitalization has set IT, Supply Chain and Operations on a collision course. The results to organizational design and reporting lines are not clear. What is clear, however, is that Supply Chain executives must add new expertise to ensure a lasting legacy. Join your peers to discuss how developing next generation sense capabilities will enable you to be the most valued partner to your fellow business leaders and to the customers and suppliers you serve.

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Senior leaders share practical insights into their supply chain operations and you can question them directly to get to the heart of all the key issues.

Small, private roundtable discussions focusing on the critical issues affecting the future of the profession. As all dialogue remains strictly confidential, you can speak openly and freely without any risk of later citation.

You can pre-book private face-to-face meetings with executive peers attending the forum using a private online portal running up to and during the event. Gain real practical insights into what other companies and industries are doing to take back to your boardroom.

A host of informal and relaxed networking opportunities over the course of the forum provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy time out from the intense business discussions and reflect with peers on the key themes of the day.



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