Senior Team

Dr. Hau Lee

Hau serves as Chairman of SCM World, where he shares his insights and experiences as a leading supply chain academic. He specialises in supply chain management, information technology, global logistics, system design, inventory planning and manufacturing strategy.

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Oliver Sloane
Group Vice President, Supply Chain

Oliver co-founded SCM World in 2009. As CEO, he directs the company’s mission of accelerated learning for the current and future generation of supply chain leaders. Oliver leads SCM World’s global growth strategy, which involves continuous focus and investment in leading-edge technology, people, content and events.

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Kevin O’Marah
Vice President and Distinguished Analyst

Kevin leads SCM World’s Content team and cutting-edge, practitioner-driven supply chain research. Kevin also co-chairs the SCM World Executive Advisory Board, a group of 15 C-level practitioners from the world’s leading brands dedicated to improving the practice of supply chain management.

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mikeMike Harding
Finance Vice President

Mike is responsible for all areas of group financial operations at SCM World including finance, tax and treasury. He also oversees business planning, business information systems, legal and intellectual property.

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Joshua Moore
Area Manager

Josh is responsible for growing SCM World’s global community. He leads the team charged with acquiring new members for SCM World’s global practitioner base. Josh is also responsible for the events team that organises SCM World’s industry leading events, workshops and forums.

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Jill Pringle
Marketing Vice President Supply Chain

Jill is responsible for building and positioning the SCM World brand as the cross-industry learning community powered by the world’s most influential supply chain practitioners. She oversees SCM World’s corporate communications, product and customer marketing.

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Lewis Austin

Lewis is responsible for account management and service delivery to members of SCM World’s global community including hundreds of industry clients across Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 manufacturers and retailers. In his role Lewis engages the organisation in managing customer relationships and drives the organisation to work together for optimum customer experience delivery.

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matt-davisMatt Davis
Research Managing Vice President

Matt leads the customer centricity, digital demand, omnichannel and sustainability content streams. By combining insights from the 20,000+ practitioners in the SCM World community with in-depth quantitative and qualitative research, he facilitates accelerated learning of the foundational and cutting-edge best practices in these four areas.

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Geraint John
Research Vice President

Geraint is a procurement specialist and leads our research coverage on sourcing and procurement, supplier management, and supply chain risk. He also regularly contributes to articles in the media in both the US and the UK.

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Azhar Hajat
Director, Vendor Services

Azhar and his team are responsible for managing SCM World’s relationships with service providers and vendors for the world’s leading supply chains. He oversees all vendor memberships within the SCM World community as well as the development roadmap behind the value proposition.

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charleneCharlene King
Director, Events Operations

Charlene is responsible for SCM World’s global business operations. She leads the operations team and manages SCM World’s range of physical and virtual events, including the Leaders Forum and SCM World Live. Charlene also oversees all production aspects and handles key-supplier relationships.

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