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Markers of supply chain talent 2016

On these pages you’ll find the results of SCM World’s fourth annual survey of the supply chain community in which we aimed to gauge what hiring professionals think about the preparation universities are providing to young people entering the field. Our chief interest is to raise awareness of the tremendous breadth of young supply chain talent currently in the pipeline and in so doing, expand the global community’s sense of cohesion and purpose.

We asked one simple question: which universities or business schools do you identify as markers of supply chain talent?

From September 2015 to the end of January 2016, over 2,300 individuals shared their opinion. You can read the full methodology here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll. The message is clear: supply chain professionals see talent everywhere, identifying universities on five continents. Our list is a mix of deep, formal supply chain degree programmes, classical broad-based MBA’s and engineering schools across several specialities. The list comprises the old (Oxford University) and the new (Zaragoza Logistics Center); the technical (ETH Zurich) and the philosophical (Yale); the established (Cranfield) and the upstarts (Shanghai Jiao Tang University). The poll also enabled us to separate those universities favoured by senior executives from those favoured at middle management levels; those appealing to logistics professionals from those strong among sourcing executives; and those who dominate consumer products from those who lead among industrials.

The list is absolutely not scientific, and universities who were able to ‘get out the vote’ (Vlerick Business School, Iowa State) fared much better than many readers will think justified. This, however, is a testament to these programmes’ commitment to the discipline and to the confidence they inspire in their alumni.

The Future of Supply Chain

We will leave this list as is until September 2016 when we field our most comprehensive research survey of the year, the Future of Supply Chain study. One of the 20 or so questions comprising that survey will be allotted to the SCM World University 100. The polls will again remain open until January 2017, at which time we will publish next year’s comprehensive report.

Until then, we welcome your comments, suggestions and debate – email us at [email protected]

The SCM World team

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Between September 2015 and the end of January 2016, we invited poll participants to do the following via an online poll:

“In terms of universities/business schools as markers of supply chain talent, please select your top 3 from the drop-down list”

Respondents were given a drop-down menu of 190 university/college options from which to select their top three choices. Additionally, respondents were given the option to specify other universities or business schools not available in the pre-populated list.

The scores were awarded as follows: three points for a number one ranking, two points for a number two ranking, and one point for a number three ranking. The final ranking order is based firstly on the total scaled score, and then by the total number of votes (ie where two or more universities have the same score, they are ranked by total number of votes).

As mentioned on the welcome page, the survey methodology is not fully scientific (alumni votes are also included, for example). However, spoiled ballots were removed and duplicate entries discarded.

If you have any questions about the poll methodology, contact us via [email protected]


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