When Jon Lindekugel, 3M’s senior vice president of Supply Chain, describes his leadership philosophy, he manages to make a complicated idea sound pretty simple: A leader fully engages the business and the organization from the outside in, sets the direction, then coaches and teaches the team to deliver results.

“Leadership has to be flexible and prepared to dive in as needed to help the team build success – all while living 3M values as a given,” Jon says. This little-bit-of-everything approach makes sense for someone who has served in so many roles during almost three decades at 3M. Trained in finance, Jon began as an accountant in 1988. He has worked in finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing before entering general management. He has moved from his native Minnesota to Utah and back again to the company’s headquarters in St. Paul. Jon was president of 3M Health Information Systems until he became senior vice president of Business Development in 2014. His role was then expanded to senior vice president of Business Development and Marketing-Sales.

This year, he became senior vice president of Supply Chain, responsible for sourcing and delivering 3M solutions to the company’s customers worldwide. 3M Supply Chain includes hundreds of facilities around the globe and the design and implementation of all process and plant equipment. About one third of 3M’s technology platforms are related to plant operations, and roughly a quarter of the patents 3M earns every year are connected to the company’s manufacturing processes.

It’s the “spirit and culture” of 3M that has kept him here year after year, he says. “We’ve always had the same core principles: 3M values, customer-inspired innovation and a solid basic business model that’s about collaboration and leveraging our fundamental strengths,” Jon says. “And that’s why even after more than a century of success, I believe our best years are still ahead: because they’ll be built on our values, our customers and the 3M team.” When he’s not helping 3M grow and develop, Jon might be found hiking, skiing – “really, enjoying anything outdoors” – or spending time with his three grown children. He also has worked with the Chamber of Commerce, the United Way and Junior Achievement.