Bringing innovation into supply chain: introducing Content Navigator

Our mission is to accelerate learning across the entire supply chain community at all levels of expertise. The new Navigator tool is intended to take the headaches out of the search and prioritisation process by getting you to the content you want as seamlessly as possible.

Take, for instance, supply chain collaboration. As demonstrated in the recent webinar ‘The future supply chain and collaboration: directions for consumer industries‘ by Chris Tyas, Group Head of Supply Chain at Nestlé, collaboration can drive huge value internally and externally. But collaboration is not just one thing. Chris explained how collaboration with suppliers strengthened risk and sustainability efforts. Collaboration with retail customers has helped Nestlé improve inventory availability and better its understanding of consumers. And collaboration internally has led to greater process flexibility and efficiency.

Understanding collaboration requires connecting it with several other enablers such as risk, multi-tier supply or S&OP. As with almost any topic in supply chain, there is no easy, one-size-fits-all fix. The high degree of interdependencies and broad context of supply chain makes it very difficult to find the right content to answer questions that you may have. It is this challenge that inspired our creation of the Content Navigator.

The Navigator’s foundation is 10 modules of content, five of which are functionally aligned and five of which are strategically important across functions. These modules include:


  • Design for Profitability and PLM
  • Distribution Networks and Logistics
  • Manufacturing and Production Operations
  • S&OP and Integrated Business Planning
  • Sourcing and Supplier Management


  • Customer Centricity & Demand Management
  • Digital Demand and Omnichannel
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Sustainability and Supply Chain Integrity
  • Transformation and Talent Management

As every supply chain professional knows all too well, these 10 areas are highly interdependent and solutions often extend across several areas. The interdependencies are where the Navigator differentiates itself from other content search functionalities.

We have identified the 55 most critical enablers that are shared across the 10 modules. Click on any module and its enablers are highlighted. Click on a second module and only the interdependencies remain.

Image of the SCM World content navigator.

The primary use of the Navigator comes when you’ve homed in on exactly what you’d like to investigate. Simply click on any of the terms to pull up a content window. In each window, you’ll find an overview of the topic, industry perspectives and a list of all of the relevant webinars, reports, blogs and best practices insights.


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