Kevin O’Marah

Vice President and Distinguished Analyst

Kevin leads SCM World’s Content team and cutting-edge, practitioner-driven supply chain research. Kevin also co-chairs the SCM World Executive Advisory Board, a group of 15 C-level practitioners from the world’s leading brands dedicated to improving the practice of supply chain management.

A research fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, he helps to shape the direction of supply chain teaching for the next generation of business leaders. Prior to SCM World, he served as Group Vice President for Supply Chain at Gartner following the 2009 acquisition of AMR Research, where he was Chief Strategy Officer. In his 10-year career at AMR, he created the Supply Chain Top 25, wrote over 400 published articles and reports.

Prior to joining AMR, Kevin was a Vice President at Oracle Corporation, where he was responsible for supply chain and product lifecycle management applications strategies. He has also served as a strategy consultant with Mercer Management Consulting in London and Washington DC as well as the MAC Group in San Francisco and Calgary.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston College, a Master of Science in Industrial Relations from Oxford University and an MBA from Stanford University. He’s based in Boston and travels to London frequently.