Is your supply chain cool?

By October 19, 2015Guests, Power of the Profession
Is your supply chain cool?

When we decided to launch the Power of the Profession awards, we wanted to insure that we weren’t just adding another awards ceremony to the supply chain landscape. We wanted to both allow the community to recognise innovation within itself, as well as have the process foster learning for all those involved.

The 70+ nominations and 16 resulting case studies delivered in our inaugural year demonstrate the impact of the Power of the Profession process. Following the success of the 2015 awards, I am delighted to announce the launch of the second annual SCM World Power of the Profession Awards. The deadline for nominations is 31 October 2015, so nominate now!

I had the personal pleasure of coordinating last year’s awards activities and two questions repeatedly came up:

  • How are winners separating themselves from the other nominees?
  • What can we do to improve our submission next year?

To answer these questions, I went back through the methodology and looked for any common factors in the case studies that made it to the finals. I also interviewed several judges from our expert panel to get their perspectives. Here are four tips from our judges:

  1. Focus on what is different. Context is important to understand what was achieved, but winners highlighted what was truly unique about their work.
  2. Make it applicable to all. Industry challenges will feed the specific initiatives submitted, but several nominees invested time in explaining how the learning could apply cross-industry.
  3. Longer isn’t necessarily better. As seen across the finalists group, clarity of the story – regardless of length – proved to be a differentiator.
  4. Get quotes. Several nominees this year included quotes from employees on the impact of their initiatives. Extend this approach to include customers and suppliers as well.

DG Macpherson, SVP & President, Global Supply Chain and Corporate Strategy at Grainger, said it best: “I think the prep work each of the nominating companies completed was really quite clear and compelling. For me, the winners tackled important problems, kept it simple and achieved tangible, strong results. The link between actions and results was quite clear in the winning submissions.”

As we learned in our inaugural year, the coolest thing about the Power of the Profession Awards process is that we all win when we participate. We look forward to your participation in the second annual Power of the Profession Awards. Make sure you submit your nomination before the 31 October deadline passes!

So what do you think? Does celebrating innovation in our community make us all winners? What will it take to make supply chain cool for all generations of business leaders? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Contact me at [email protected] or via Twitter @psumattdavis.


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