10-12 July 2016 | Powerscourt, Dublin, Ireland
Invitation Only

The annual retreat for the world’s supply chain, operations and procurement elite. Invitation only for C-Level Executives with responsibility for a global end-to-end supply chain.

The Operational Edge

The path to power is built on victory, both financially and in the marketplace. For supply chain leaders this means bringing your unique cross-functional view of how the business competes and clearly articulating operations’ impact on profitability and shareholder value. This event will explore the opportunity to create business value by building supply chains that competitors cannot beat and that customers and shareholders truly value.


We believe that the best people to grow the supply chain profession are the executives who are leading it today. From keynotes to more intimate workshops, hear best practice case studies from leading senior executives in our community, backed by SCM World’s own predictive research on supply chain’s potential to deliver a true operational edge.

John F. Lundgren

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dave Clark

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations & Customer Service

Eric Sprunk

Chief Operating Officer

Kathryn Wengel

Worldwide Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Management Committee Member

Stuart Pann

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Enrico Mistron

Executive Vice President Corporate Business Services


Supply Chain has three key levers to deliver an operational edge:

Leverage & Strategic Advantage

Whether by controlling critical resources and assets or differentiated technology, operational advantage in business begins with supply. Strategic relationships and investments in the supply chain often demand complex and long-range thinking about competitive dynamics and shared value. Equally, decisions about where and how the physical supply network is deployed globally can confer speed and cost advantages or consign a business to persistent structural weakness. The ability to see opportunity and risk before it’s obvious to everyone else is essential to owning an operational edge.

Market Position & Customer Loyalty

Radical new dynamics are in place in retail and e-commerce channels that are undercutting established positions of strength while creating new and disruptive competitors. The same is true for B2B sales which increasingly depend on deep collaboration to make the sale, fulfil commitments and keep the customer coming back. How best to segment customers and markets, what kind of pricing and positioning tactics are the most effective and how best to service customers after sale are all key to building an operational edge.

Social & Environmental Accountability

Increased visibility not only from regulatory bodies but also from customers and the press mean that business and supply chain accountability is now an absolutely vital part of protecting brand and therefore shareholder value. At the same time, new ideas for resource optimisation in supply chain have shown that cash savings and dampened price volatility are benefits in key areas like energy, water and even social justice. An operational edge in social and environmental responsibility means sustainably building share price while caring for impacts on the wider world.


As a closed-door forum, the agenda is private. As well as keynotes related to the above theme, 2016 saw our first ever Leaders Forum Operations Lab, which brought three quick-hitting TED style talks on important trends in technology, business and society. Each was designed to condense a big idea into a 15-minute talk with a 10-minute open Q&A. The theme linking these talks was finding strategic advantage in change.

If you’d like to learn more about our agenda for 2017, or anything else about this exclusive event please call us on +44 203 747 6200 or email us at [email protected]

Exclusive, Interactive Format

SCM World Leaders Forum is a closed-door, cross-industry forum. It’s a highly interactive and unique format that puts peer-to-peer interaction at the top of the agenda.

Closed door: no press or media

Engage in frank, honest conversations with fellow industry Leaders that will remain confidential within the forum.

Keynote sessions and panel discussions

Senior leaders share practical insights into their supply chain operations and you can question them directly to get to the heart of all the key issues.

Executive huddles

Small, private roundtable discussions focusing on the critical issues affecting the future of the profession. As all dialogue remains strictly confidential, you can speak openly and freely without any risk of later citation.

1-2-1 peer connections

You can pre-book private face-to-face meetings with executive peers attending the forum using a private online portal running up to and during the event. Gain real practical insights into what other companies and industries are doing to take back to your boardroom.

Informal networking

A host of informal and relaxed networking opportunities over the course of the forum provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy time out from the intense business discussions and reflect with peers on the key themes of the day.

No exhibition or tradeshow

This means you can experience a unique environment free from solicitation by consultants or vendors.

Kevin O’Marah, Chief Content Officer at SCM World and host of the Leader’s Forum describes how this event is unique in both its format and its opportunity for supply chain C-Level leaders to share best practices for benchmarking and validation. And because it’s held under Chatham House rules it provides an environment for true learning from others in similar positions of power and influence across organisations.


Supply chain elite from the following companies joined us at the 2016 SCM World Leaders Forum:


Powerscourt Hotel, Powerscourt, Co.Wicklow. Ireland


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