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We believe that the best people to grow the supply chain profession are the executives who are leading it today. From keynotes to more intimate workshops, hear best practice case studies from leading senior executives in our community, backed by SCM World’s own predictive research on supply chain’s potential to deliver a true operational edge.


Chief Procurement Officer & Vice President, Global Purchasing Caterpillar


Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer


Executive Vice President, Technologies and Chief Digital Officer


Chief Executive Officer, Convoy


Chief Business Office


Chief Executive Officer, Guardtime


Professor, University of Oxford


Chief Digital Officer
GE Transportation


Global Capacity Planning


Thoma Professor of Operations, Information & Technology Stanford University


Vice President Distinguished Analyst Gartner

Mastering the Matrix

Empowering the Digital Supply Chain

Digitization is the top strategic concern for senior supply chain leaders today. Inclusive of everything from artificial intelligence to drones, digitization is the leading edge of a move toward a ubiquitous web of machinery and information systems built to serve human needs. Science fiction images of this matrix offer an extreme view, but practical steps in this same direction are being taken every day in supply chain organizations around the world.

Digitization demands innovative thinking well beyond the pursuit of efficiency. Completely new business models and ways of working are suddenly possible with the addition of technologies like collaborative robotics, control tower data analytics, and uberized fulfillment systems. Empowering this digital supply chain requires leadership that is aware not only of what is technically possible, but also what is immediately practical. Mastering the matrix starts with connecting and empowering what’s already there in ERP, MES and other legacy systems.

Breaking digitization down to workable parts requires work on three fundamental fronts:


Disruptive and important technologies are rising in perceived importance so fast that some are tempted to either bet on everything or dismiss it all as hype. Neither is correct. Experience to date shows that a ‘test and learn’ approach works best and that a capabilities roadmap for digitization is essential.


Technology works with and through people, and yet too often skills fail to keep up with tools. New ways of working are emerging as digital technologies empower people with waves of data, sophisticated analytical methods and breakthrough operational technologies.  Mastering these powerful new tools demands deep thinking about people, organization structure and measurement.

Coping with Global Turmoil

Digitization is sparking change everywhere, and this includes the recent global wave of demographic and political upheaval. Micro markets empowered by social media and mobility demand our attention even as the rules of trade come under siege. Coping means turning to digital as an enabler of local-for-local supply chains and risk aware operations.


As a closed-door forum, the agenda is private. As well as keynotes related to the above theme, 2016 saw our first ever Leaders Forum Operations Lab, which brought three quick-hitting TED style talks on important trends in technology, business and society. Each was designed to condense a big idea into a 15-minute talk with a 10-minute open Q&A. The theme linking these talks was finding strategic advantage in change.

If you’d like to learn more about our agenda for 2017, or anything else about this exclusive forum please call us on +44 203 747 6200 or email us at [email protected]

Unique, forum format

Leaders Forum is a strictly closed-door, cross-industry forum. There’s no press, vendor exhibition or media allowed, so your conversations with fellow industry leaders will remain confidential and you’ll experience an environment without vendor solicitation.

Keynote sessions and panel discussions

Senior leaders share practical insights into their supply chain operations and you can question them directly to get to the heart of all the key issues.

Executive huddles

Small, private roundtable discussions focusing on the critical issues affecting the future of the profession. As all dialogue remains strictly confidential, you can speak openly and freely without any risk of later citation.

1-2-1 peer connections

You can pre-book private face-to-face meetings with executive peers attending the forum using a private online portal running up to and during the forum. Gain real practical insights into what other companies and industries are doing to take back to your boardroom.

Informal networking

A host of informal and relaxed networking opportunities over the course of the forum provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy time out from the intense business discussions and reflect with peers on the key themes of the day.

Kevin O’Marah, Chief Content Officer at SCM World and host of the Leader’s Forum describes how this forum is unique in both its format and its opportunity for supply chain C-Level leaders to share best practices for benchmarking and validation. And because it’s held under Chatham House rules it provides an environment for true learning from others in similar positions of power and influence across organisations.

Attendees 2016

Supply chain elite from the following companies joined us at the 2016 SCM World Leaders Forum: