SCM World Live Webinars bring together the best supply chain minds from across our community to debate cross-industry approaches to strategic challenges.

A maximum of four webinars per year are open to all supply chain practitioners and academics not just members of our community.

Watch our last two webinars

 Supply Chain 2017: Be Prepared
Recorded: 17/01/2017  Running time: 60 mins

Join SCM World’s Chief Content Officer, Kevin O’Marah, as he shares the 2016 Future of Supply Chain survey results and talks to Beth Ward (Senior Vice President & Corporate Officer – Supply Chain, Hallmark) and Michael Edmunds (Vice President, Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain at Bose Corporation) about the top strategic questions of 2017.

Disruptive Digitization and the Future of Supply Chain
Recorded: 03/05/2017  Running time: 60 mins

Digitization is turbocharging supply chains and is a disruption that is bringing massive change to business processes, customer processes and business models.

In this webinar, Kevin O’MarahDistinguished Analyst and Vice President Research and Matt Davis, Managing Vice President Research discuss how leading companies are capitalizing on digital technologies and trends to transform business strategy, create sentient supply chains and empower the workforce of the future.