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SCM World is excited to announce the launch of its new blog View from the Bridge. As a complement to Kevin O’Marah’s weekly blog insights in Beyond Supply Chain, View from the Bridge will offer a real-time view into global happenings in the world of supply chain.

By connecting current events with SCM World’s content library and latest research, the blog will help to bring complex supply chain issues to life through practical, timely insights. Coverage will include:

  • Supply chain strategy and planning. Over half of supply chain executives say that supply chain has an equal seat at the strategy table with other business functions like sales, marketing and finance. The ability to arrive at that table with clear plans that show how supply chain will create value for customers and for other business partners is essential. We’ll feature tips and tools for the CSCO and his/her staff to continually grow supply chain’s role in enabling broader business strategy.
  • Distribution innovations. Volatility has been off the chain for distribution executives. Fluctuations in fuel prices, transportation capacity and, most importantly, demand challenge today’s distribution strategy. We share insights into new transportation capabilities, drones, third-party service announcements and the latest analytics breakthroughs for those looking to optimise the flow of product around the world with a balanced approach to cost, service and cycle times.
  • Product development and launch innovations. Over 80% of a product’s total cost is determined during the product development phase. As we stay on top of the big announcements from the world of engineering and product innovation, we’ll share insights on the benefits of incorporating supply chain early in development with the full lifecycle of engineering decisions taken. Topics will include innovation management strategies, product lifecycle management, programme management, digital manufacturing and the supporting role of information technology.
  • Sourcing innovations. Press stories about the horse meat scandal, deaths at an apparel factory in Bangladesh and shortages of rare-earth minerals demonstrate the critical role of sourcing in managing a supply chain. Look here for the latest on supplier labour conditions, sustainable sourcing methods, product recalls and new methods for greater visibility into the supply base.
  • Manufacturing innovations. The world of manufacturing is about to go through another renaissance. Changes in labour rates, global risk, customer requirements and global trade mean that many supply chain organisations have major changes planned for their manufacturing networks. Content will include innovations in robotics and automation, 3D printing news and new manufacturing site launches.
  • Customer management insights by industry. Stay on top of the latest events in retail, hi-tech, industrial, CPG, chemicals and other industries. Mergers, acquisitions, product launches and big announcements will be featured here. And as part of our industry coverage, we are excited to have a dedicated focus on the healthcare value chain with regular content contributions from Barry Blake, Vice President, Research.

View from the Bridge content will be regularly produced and posted by SCM World’s leading research team of Geraint John, Barry Blake and Pierfrancesco Manenti. Have ideas for the blog or topics you’d like to see covered? Send us your thoughts at [email protected]


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